Calcification and Hair Loss – Clinical Report 11

The study on Calcification and Hair loss proved to be a positive correlation from 37 studies conducted in various settings for male and female.

The study conducted most recent (NovemberĀ 2015) found that men and women gradually develop calcification on the scalp, andĀ this is a major cause of the hair follicles unable to produce further hair growth, or at least the same quality of hair.

“Hair growing on a calcified scalp seems to be more brittle, dry and does not have much shine to it, unless you shampoo it, which is not a natural or healthy shine” – Physician of World Health Center

On another report, it was concluded that men with hair loss had severe calcification – the yoga center in London, UK also reported users going through hair loss noticing their scalp is tighter, harder and hair gradually getting thinner and dry.

“This is remarkable and a great discovery. It proves that things like scalp massage will help hair growth” – Physician Mark Stuart

Studies also found that chronic inflammation is also what lead to the calcification of the scalp over time; and handling this with treatments targeting scalp inflammation, would help break this down and prevent further calcification.

The reports will be available to download fully at the bottom of this page and you will be able to see all the studies conducted and exactly what the results were in terms of hair loss and calcification of the scalp.


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