Clinical Trial: Effect of Scalp Massage on Hair Thickness

Clinical trials were carried out on the effect of scalp massage on the hair of Japanese men and of stretching forces on human dermal papilla cells.

Scalp massage in the East has been a traditional method of reducing hair loss and improving the quality of the hair. Until now, no peer reviewed assessment was carried out despite the numerous claims.

9 healthy males were tested by doing scalp massage for 4 minutes everyday for 24 weeks using a scalp massage device on one side of their temporal scalp. The total hair number, thickness and growth speeds were measured throughout the 24 week period.

It was hypothesised that, since scalp massage can soften the tissue and increase blood flow which may stimulate faster and thicker hair growth.

The results showed that after the 24 week period, there was a significant increase in hair thickness but no significant change in the rate of hair growth. The numbers of hair falling did temporarily increase in the first 12 weeks but this is potentially telogen phase hairs falling out. This figure fell by the end of the 24 weeks.

In conclusion:

By FEM analysis, scalp massage has been shown to induce mechanical stress on hDPCs. Hair thickness increased following standardized scalp massage in healthy Japanese men.

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Full Report

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