Consumption of Garlic with Hair growth

There are been many studies conducted with the consumption of garlic for the purpose of hair growth. Either as garlic supplements, or processed in a certain way, or in food format like adding it to marination on food itself.

Garlic has many active ingredients, including sulphur which some people cannot consume and have sulphur allergy reactions from – there is another type of garlic which if processed correctly, is effective in helping hair growth as well as skin renewal (making the skin brighter and vibrating with life) – these terms are actual terms used in the research, as there were no terms better to describe what people look for when having healthy skin – also we compared it to what baby and children’s skin is like, which is usually bright and radiant.

Korean scientists did a part study on the effects of Garlic in helping restore vitality of the human body – more studies need to be conducted on how this can be achieved, as simply taking a garlic supplement may not be enough for maximum effects and benefits – also, sulphur bioavailability is increased when certain species of garlic is roasted in a certain way – aged garlic also has increased vitamins such as the black garlic.

Full report for this is coming soon – but this is a study carried out by a third party, and not by our team.

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