Report: Hair Growth and Scalp Massage Correlation

There has always been talk about indian head massage and other scalp massages that are similar, as proof of hair growth and thickening or maintaining thick healthy hair – but this was not understood why, and this report aims to find out what the truth is behind this and if there is a correlation of scalp massage and thicker hair, or is this just a myth?

The report seems to take side of hair growth being positively linked with scalp massage – and from the study that was conducted, the result was higher than a placebo effect (as placebo effect is only 20% maximum, if it’s more, then it is not a placebo effect).

200 people were used in this report – some were doing scalp massage, with the average western diet as food intake, and were not allowed to take any hair growth products or supplements. The control group did not do any scalp massage, and the second group carried out a 20 minute scalp massage on a daily basis.

The results in detail are in the download format of the report – but the outline of it is explained above.

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